Welcome to Ed’s Gym. Colorado Springs’ premier training and performance facility.

Athletes and other trainees who find their way to our gym are looking for the best coaching, facility, and environment to prepare for their sport and for life. If you’re looking for Coaches with experience, a track record of success, and who care about you and your goals, you’ve found the right place.

We are looking for the committed and those who aren’t only willing, but desire to work hard and do hard work.
Athlete's Training at Ed's Gym in Colorado Springs

Ed’s Gym is not for everyone. We are different, very different than other so called “training facilities.”

We are a warehouse gym. We don’t have fancy machines. We don’t have an aerobics area. We don’t have A/C. We don’t have mirrors. And we don’t let our members make guesses about their training.

We don’t cut corners, and we don’t let you off the hook. Like life, results and success only come to those who dedicate themselves, and are willing to make sacrifices and commit themselves to their endeavors.

At Ed’s Gym, we train with weights. We utilize and perfect bodyweight movements. We run, jump, crawl, and tumble. We move heavy objects. We push sleds, flip tires, swing sledge hammers, and battle ropes.
Adult Fitness Training at Ed's Gym in Colorado Springs

We are a community of individuals who desire more than simply being average and more than mediocrity. We train hard. We show up on time. We give more than others. We are dedicated to ourselves and our goals. We don’t settle for “good enough.” We want to be leaders, team captains, motivators, playmakers, CHAMPIONS!

We are not a short term program for athletes and people looking for “quick fixes.” We are committed to our athletes and members, and we will help you achieve all your physical preparation needs and wants (i.e. strength, speed, conditioning, footwork, mobility, increased muscle, fat/weight loss, etc.), but we require a long-term commitment from you.

For the athlete, training at the gym should be as important as practicing.
Athlete's Training at Ed's Gym in Colorado Springs
For the non-athlete trainee, training should be a lifestyle with purpose, direction, and goals.
Adult Fitness Training at Ed's Gym in Colorado SpringsThere is a distinct difference between training and working out.

Excuses are for quitters. Don’t be a quitter.

Ed’s Gym and its Coaches are focused on your success. We are here to Encourage, Prepare, and Motivate you for sports and for life.

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